Trade and Consulting

Trade and Consulting

What was successful in the past does not have to yield profits today!

For the successful sale of products and services and for strengthening company position on the market, it is necessary to choose the right trade strategy. It is necessary to consider the optimal distribution routes including distribution policy and take into account current trends, knowledge and know-how. The market mechanism is evolving as well as demand, and this is why it is necessary to approach the market more professionally than before. All successful players on the market carefully evaluate sales results, analyze marketing campaigns and achieved changes and consult for further steps.

OK business, s.r.o. individually elaborates the following projects in the area of market consulting, always aiming the project to increase market output and profits:

  • trade strategy
  • evaluation of marketing and communication strategy
  • changes in distributional policies
  • communication proposals
  • analysis of trade activity
  • Mystery Shopping
  • operation of distributional partnership networks
  • motivational programs
  • counsel for managers
  • and others

Look into the details of these various areas and don’t hesitate to contact us. We will gladly answer your queries.

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