We hereby present a few might interesting references:

Market researches and market analyses:
BEST a.s., ProFitness, a.s., Brother International s.r.o., ZH BREN s.r.o., Manhattan Development a.s., YDS s.r.o., TESCO Copiers s.r.o. Ab, Stavomat - Znojmo, spol. s r.o. ...

Auditing of advertising and marketing activities:
BEST a.s., ProFitness, a.s., ALFA - PROJ spol. s r.o., Zetina s.r.o.,,, ...

Consultancies in the sphere of internet:
ALFA - PROJ spol. s r.o.,, Zetina s.r.o., Zetina SK, ZH-BREN s.r.o., TESCO Copiers s.r.o. , Ab, ...

Own source of business information and activities:
Company OK business, s.r.o. is since its foundation in permanent contact with the real market in several commodities. Sales division is oriented on the direct sales to the
end user and to business partners as well. This combination serves for real and direct contact with the market in Cz and Slovakia, for strengthening own business and marketing skills from the practise and not just academically. Division has been oriented e.g. to sales of sewing machines, overlockers and coverlockers of the Lucznik Brand and takes part in further business activities. As the managing role concerned, OK business, s.r.o. takes active part in other projects as outsourced subject ... The Projects, OK are another samples of rich company business activities.