Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping

Do you want to know where the downsides of your employees are? What is the effect of your company on the public?

Are you interested in what the competition is better at, or how it acts differently when it comes to customers?

Inside Mystery Shopping:
- we conduct professional verification and reviews of dealers and sales personnel
- verification of the other employees who are in contact with the customer
- we will propose a solution for working with these employees

We will find out what weaknesses your employees have and what they can improve. We can open your eyes to the reality, how the customers view you as a company and further details.

Outside Mystery Shopping:
- information about competition
- trade conditions of competition
- competition offers B2B, B2C
- price comparison on basic products and services
- sales techniques and forms of motivation
- communication techniques with the market

The output will be not only structured data but also recommended changes which will be applicable and will not only have an instant effect on the presentation of your employees and company but also on the increase in sales and profit.

The advantages of our company in the area of mystery shopping and its evaluation come from long-term experience, trading, and our own experience in providing mystery shopping and its organization, leading of teams, managerial experiences from leading people and sales, experiences from schooling mystery shoppers, experiences from data analysis of mystery shopping and their application to sales practices, benchmarking and so on.

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