Methods of Market Research

  • Methods of market research

    • Desk Research – fast gathering of a variety of secondary information. We gather available and needed data on the market without any extra costs.
    • Terrain Research – gathering of specific unique data: what, how much, how, when, where, who, reference data and knowledge about you and so on. You’ll gain essential answers to important and decisive questions.
    • Surveying – less structured and impersonal form of recording information and facts on how, what and so on, without direct contact.
    • Registering more structured impersonal form of recording information, occurrences, frequencies, etc., and also the behavior of people on how, what and so on without direct contact.
    • Experiment – we verify, for example, the effects of your advertisement or product on a group of people.
    • Questionnaire:
      - oral (face to face)
      - written (face to face, pen and paper aided, computer aided, e-mail)
      - phone (telemarketing)
      Expertly based and structured questionnaires for structured answers. We use a network of our own interviewers. We choose a relevant group for a high quality of data or a representative group.
    • Interview
      The conducting of interviews on an open topic with the aim to understand the processes of decision making of individuals.
    • Discussion
      The conducting of group discussion or a discussion with open questions for the creation of hypotheses.
    • Deep Interview
      An expertly guided form of interviewing with prepared form and scheme of questions in order to obtain priority information from interactions according to results.
    • Expert Interview
      Expertly guided form of interviewing with a prepared form and scheme of questions in order to obtain an expert view, opinion and information from the professional public or experts with interactions according to results.

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