Linkbuilding belongs to one of the most important features from SEO and SEM. But what should the proper links look like? Browsers do not like the "farms", but how they can recognize, that these webs are not connected? Is´nt it more about ruling over the net or so? My rules, my kingdom, obey them. If you do not want to be obeying, then punishment comes. If you go with me, If you are good servant, I have a share, than, you grow with me. As far as you are able to pay, that far you will be on the first page. Welcome to the reality. Welcome to matrix and reload!

LSEO Manchester  We sell Manchester saves. That is good, but it is a joke. This is about an expet in SEO, Search Engine Optimization.

Alfa Proj is a company we cooperate for more than 6 years. Alfa Proj is a traditional Czech producer. We started with market researches and then as an independent marketing department. Now, we are just close due to the eshop we run together. For us, it is a great reference: ALFA-PROJ spol. s r.o.

OK is our own activity. It is a department store with 12 departments. It offers electronics, domestic appliances, PCs, kitchen staff, toys, sport and fitness equipment, jewellery, gold, silver items, parfumes, health care goods, hoby and profi tools, garden tools etc.

This eshop runs company TESCO SK. The owner is a friend of ours for many many years. We agreed on cooperation in SEO, SEM etc. when he was about to establish his first eshop.

OK business, s.r.o. is the only official representation of LUCZNIK brand on the territory of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. These sites are made artificially just for beeing.

The main presentation and selling of sewing technology goes here: It is a great story of SEO and SEM. It is a stroy of developing the sales of such Brands like Lucznik, Singer, Zetina, Janome, Brother, AEG, Bernina, Miele. Great story of sale and success. In addition to it we run an "Advisory" web:

You can find all our activities mentioned on: OK blog. Of course, OK business, could not put away such important things as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace are. OK on Facebook, OK on Facebook, Raj on Facebook. Twitter with its short tweets. Raj, OK, OK All of them combined on Karchek. MySpace is more a blog about whatever happens. More about activities here.

Sewing machines: the promotion is run for: Sewing machine Lidia, overlock 720D-4, sewing machine Basia, new Gosia, ironers. The ratio between the price and the quality is great!

Other links: Legitimate Paid Surveys

All the linsk above are the links to the web sites of our partners, own webs or reciprocical linking ones.