Internet Marketing SEO SEM

Internet Marketing SEO SEM

Guaranteed increase in sales and profit.

We will propose or modify an online presentation for you:
- proper structure, human factors engineering
- proper contents, texts and areas of presentation
- matching form of offers

We will propose a financial plan of necessary investment in advertising on the internet:
- local and foreign catalogues and search engines
- backward links
- paid services on professional portals

We will evaluate your current web presentation:
- optimalisation of the web site for SEO browsers
- internet marketing SEM
- proper controllability of the web site
- concrete recommendations for increasing sales through internet B2B, B2C

Your web site can be a useful tool with specific know-how:
- for immediate increase in sales
- for more effective work with your trading partners
- more effective communication with end users
- it will become your dearest salesman (without a car or mobile)
- provable decrease in costs compared to standard methods

I am interested in a detailed offer.