OK business, s.r.o.

Market Research and Consulting Services in the area of Trade and Marketing

Market research and consulting services in the area of trade and marketing.

Market research is aimed at finding out the familiarity with the brand, products or services, customer satisfaction. Our skills and experience allow us to successfully offer objective evaluation of the effectiveness of the sales processes, evaluation of the methods of competition, elaborate marketing and trade strategy proposals, specific proposals and recommendations to increase sales and profit.

Our independent perspective will allow you to find further trade opportunities on the market.

  • P. F. 2016
    As I notice, we do not put so many info in English. It is caused mainly by the fact that we do run the Czech and Slovak business mostly. Nevertheless, I would like to wish all people, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, all over the world!I will tr…
  • P. F. 2015
    Dear partners, friends!The year 2015 is approaching. The year 2014 is coming to its end. King is dead, may the king live! The year 2014 brought both nice moments and less ones too. We all expect, of course, the new year to be even more happy, full …